How to complete the sportsmanship chapter in Gran Turismo Sport

There is so much to do in Gran Turismo Sport that it's easy to miss some features out while playing. The Campaign and Arcade modes are extremely popular, but did you know there was a sportsmanship award that's incredible easy to achieve?

Well, there is, and it's available to everybody who boots up GT Sport. So, how do you pass it? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Video tutorial

To access the sportsmanship tutorials, you need to head to the Sport submenu from GT Sport's home screen. You then need to select Racing Etiquette, which is at the bottom of this menu.

Gran Turismo Sport Sportsmanship award
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You'll then be taken to this screen, where there will be two videos to watch. They run for five minutes in total, so it doesn't take long to get through them. They run through the basics of what sportsmanship is and some examples of good sportsman-like behaviours.

Gran Turismo Sport Sportsmanship award 2
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Once you've watched these videos, that's it. No test, no racing sim, nothing, you've earned your sportsmanship certificate. You'll also be rewarded with the bronze trophy "Master of Manners" for your efforts.

Gran Turismo Sport Sportsmanship award 4
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There is also a reward in the form of a "car" as well. You'll be compensated for your time with GT's bespoke Go-kart, which is perfect for the karting events you'll find in the campaign mode.

Gran Turismo Sport Sportsmanship award 5
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