How to create logo for Gran Turismo 7

When it comes to personalisation and customisation, no racing game does it better than Gran Turismo 7. There are over 400 cars in the game, but an unlimited amount of possibilities when it comes to your car.

Here's how to create and implement your peronsalised logo in GT7!

Unlocking GT Auto

To be able to make your own logo in GT7, you'll need to unlock GT Auto. GT Auto can be unlocked by completing Menu Book No. 7 in the GT Cafe. Menu Book No. 7 requires you to collect three European Hot Hatches.

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Once you've acquired the trio of cars, you'll need to head over to the GT Auto tile at the bottom of the GT World menu.

Using GT Auto

When you go into the GT Auto, you have three options available to you. You'll need to head to Car Customisation, the middle of the three in the menu.

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From there, go to Editor option and then create a new design. You can change the paint colour, decals and more here, so have a play around and see what takes your fancy.

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Be sure to save your design after you're finished and apply it to whichever car you wish to.

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