How to get money fast in Gran Turismo 7

You need credits to buy cars, apply upgrades, and even get an oil change, here's how to get money fast in Gran Turismo 7!

The new game, recently released by Polyphony Digital, is taking the racing world by storm. You can check out our review of the game here!

How to get money fast in Gran Turismo 7

Money in Gran Turismo 7 is called credits, and it pays for everything from new cars to upgrades in the Tuning Shop. As a result it is vital to keep a good supply of credits in your balance.

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OUR NEW HOME: The new World Map for GT7 is beautiful

However, it's not easy to do that. While you can win credits from Roulette Tickets, those tickets take time to earn.

The most reliable method of accruing credits used to be selling cars that you got as rewards, but that isn't an option either in GT7.

Instead, you have to hit the track!

Best race to grind credits

Gran Turismo 7 embraces the grind, and there is one race that is head-and-shoulders above the rest when it comes to picking up credits quickly.

The best credit grind is found in the UK and the Goodwood location, then take part in the Clubman Cup Plus race. This race puts you in the awesome Mini Cooper S '65. With a PP cap of 400 you don't need to do much tweaking to your Mini to get it in a good spot to go racing.

This race is just two laps and should take you around 3:40-ish to complete. With a first prize of 35,000 credits that's a good return!

GT7 clubman cup plus
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GRIND IT OUT: You can earn credits quickly at Goodwood!

Even better, there is a 50% bonus for a clean race, so you can earn a maximum of 52,500 credits from this race for under five minutes driving!

You'll get a free Mini Cooper S '65 for completing Menu Book No. 3 in the GT Cafe too, so your initial outlay for this race is very low.

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