How to get Red Bull car in Gran Turismo 7

We love Gran Turismo 7. The Real Driving Simulator has made its debut on PlayStation 5 and we're going to be playing this one for a while yet. There are a huge amount of cars to choose from, with over 400 being available from GT7's launch.

A brand that is synonymous with motorsport now is Red Bull. As such, there are a few Red Bull cars available in GT7. Here is the list of the RB cars and how to get them.

Take your pick

When looking for cars in Gran Turismo, it is difficult to find the Red Bull vehicles. This is because they're listed under the "Gran Turismo" brand, rather than Red Bull.

There are three Red Bull cars to choose from:

  • Red Bull X2019 Competition
  • Red Bull X2104 Junior 2014
  • Red Bull X2019 Standard
Gran Turismo Red Bull X2019
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THE BEAST: The Red Bull X series are some of the fastest cars in-game

These are some of the fastest cars in the game and as such, they aren't cheap. So, expect to shell out hundreds of thousands, if not millions of credits to get these early.

There could be some races where you win these cars as a prize, but that's partly down to potluck.

Of course, there are other racing cars that have the Red Bull branding. These include some of the Critroen WRC cars.

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