How to join friends in Gran Turismo Sport

Driving and racing games are our passion, I guess that's kind of obvious in the name though.

One of the key elements of racing games is being able to share them with friends, which is where multiplayer comes in.

This is very much true for Gran Turismo Sport, which has a strong focus on playing together. Here's how you can join friends on GT Sport!

Gran Turismo Sport multiplayer

Firstly, before you can race online, you have to complete the What Is Sportsmanship as well as watching the improper driving examples video.

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RACING TOGETHER: Multiplayer with friends is always amazing!

This will deem you as having correct racing etiquette, which is needed to unlock online play.

With this now unlocked, you should be able to simply click on the lobby at the top of the screen, and get playing!

Joining a friend

First of all, as the game is on PlayStation, you will need PlayStation Plus in order to play online in the first place.

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VARIETY: There are plenty of ways to race in GT Sport!

If all you would like to do is race with friends, then you'll need to make private lobbies. Unfortunately, you can't do Daily Races with friends (unless you get very luck!)

You can set up a private event in the lobby menu at the top of the screen. From here, you can invite your friends into the lobby and get racing (or drifting, if that takes your fancy!)

Gran Turismo 7 delay

Unfortunately for us, as fans of the franchise, our beloved GT7 has been delayed.

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VISUALS: The game still looks phenomenal from trailers!

With the game now launching in 2022 rather than this year, we have plenty of time to wait also.

Still, we’re sure the title will be a smash hit when it does launch, and we can't wait to get playing.

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