How to setup Gran Turismo Sport VR

Virtual Reality isn't for everybody, but what can't be denied is how impressive the technology is. VR headsets literally put you into your favourite games and give you an experience like no other.

The PlayStation 4 pioneers VR tech in its games and, unsurprisingly, Gran Turismo Sport is one of the titles that utilises it. Polyphony love to explore new tech in video games, so it's only natural GT Sport is VR-ready.

But how do you active VR in GT Sport? It's not as simple as you may think. As ever though, we're here to help with our GT Sport VR guide!

How to activate VR in GT Sport

For a game that boasts about its VR capabilities on its cover, GT Sport does a poor job of making it easy to activate in-game. Beginning at the home screen, you need to go to the Arcade menu. At the bottom of this menu, you'll have the option to select "VR Tour". Choose this, and then the PS4 will prompt you to connect and put on your VR headset.

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LIKE YOU'RE ACTUALLY THERE: VR gives you the opportunity to experience these incredible vistas first hand

Once you've connected your headset, you'll get a true first-hand view on GT Sport. You'll be treated by three options that are available for you to continue with. These are VR Drive, VR Showroom and VR Time Trial. Let's do a deep dive into what each of these modes means!

Triple threat

Let's start with VR Drive. VR Drive allows you to race two laps around any circuit in the game. VR Drive lets you pick any car that has an interior design to it, which is pretty much every vehicle available in GT Sport.

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IMMERSIVE: There is no experience in racing games that's as immersive as GT Sport's VR

VR time trial is fundamentally the same as VR Drive except now there aren't any AI on the circuit. It's just you, the track, and your fastest lap ghost. There is no experience that's as immersive in racing games as GT Sport VR.

Finally, VR Showroom allows you to take an in-depth look at your cars. Just like the regular showroom, it's just you and the car with some very easy-on-the-eye lighting. The difference now is that it's like you're actually standing next to your favourite rides.

Video tutorial

If you prefer to learn via watching someone else carry out this setup, GameTechUK have this very handy video on their YouTube channel:

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