How to shift in Gran Turismo 7

When it comes to racing simulators, Gran Turismo 7 is the cream of the crop on PlayStation. GT7 is always fun to play and a game that we see ourselves enjoying for a long time yet. Part of the attraction for the Real Driving Simulator is the number of options and settings you're able to use.

So, when it comes to transmission, you've got some choices to make. Here's how to change gear in Gran Turismo 7!

Transmission options

Whether you're on controller or racing wheel, there are two main options when it comes to your transmission. Transmission is how the car changes gear. These options are manual and automatic. Just like your road car in real life, an automatic car shifts its gear without any driver input.

Manual transmission means your need to press something to change gear. This is the case for both shifting up and down gears. To see which settings you have enabled for transmission, you need to load up a race and go over to the Assist Settings.

Gran Turismo 7 shift gears
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At the top of the Assist Settings, you'll see the Transmission settings you have chosen. If it's not what you want, press X on it and choose the type you do want. Then, when you load your race up, you'll have the correct transmission settings enabled.

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There is no "correct" transmission setting, it's all about what you prefer. Manual is the more realistic option, especially on wheel and when racing using a car with a flappy paddle gearbox.

Changing controls

For those on controller pad, you may want to change the shifting settings you have enabled. By default, on the DualSense Controller, X will be to shift up and Square to shift down.

You can alter these commands by going into the Car Settings menu. This can be found by loading up a race and heading over to the control settings. You'll then get a breakdown of the buttons and commands available, and you can assign any command to any button on the controller.

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