How to unlock Sport Mode in Gran Turismo 7

We finally have a new Gran Turismo game after years of waiting but jumping on with your friends isn't so simple, here's how to unlock Sport Mode in Gran Turismo 7.

With your Gran Turismo Sport ratings carrying across to Sport Mode in GT7, players will be keen to dive right into things in the new game. However, it's not that simple!

Thankfully, we have the answer. Here's how to unlock Sport Mode in Gran Turismo 7.

How to unlock Sport Mode in Gran Turismo 7

Most racing games let players choose if they want to dive into the career mode or just jump online right away. That's not the case with GT7.

Gran Turismo 7 locks Sport Mode away for players and forces you to get into the campaign mode before you can get online and race others.

GT7 sport mode
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COMING HOME: The World Map is your portal into Gran Turismo 7

That's no bad thing given that you need some cars to go racing with! But it does mean you'll have to put some time in to get it.

Thankfully, it's not that long.

Coffee to go

In order to unlock Sport Mode you'll need to head to the GT Cafe and talk with Luca.

Gran Turismo 7's campaign mode centres around completing menus from the GT Cafe, and you need to complete a few of these to get Sport Mode. Luckily, the menus also unlock tracks for you, while setting up scenarios for you to win free cars and earn credits.

GT Cafe menu book 3
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WHAT WILL IT BE?: The GT Cafe offers you some bonuses for completing races

You'll naturally be completing menus as you go in the campaign mode, so it's no extra work.

You'll need to complete Menu Book No. 9 "Championship: Tokyo Highway Parade" in order to unlock Sport Mode on your World Map.

GT multiplayer now open
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TAKE ME ON: Multiplayer lets you go head-to-head with players from around the world

This is also when multiplayer will unlock, which is where you can set up or find a relaxed lobby, and play two-player split-screen.

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