The Gran Turismo 7 Tomahawk grind is DEAD

Credit grinds have dominated GT7 play time since release, but now it looks like the Gran Turismo 7 Tomahawk grind is dead.

Update 1.15 has landed in GT7, and while not specifically named in the patch notes, the Tomahawk setup no longer works.

The era of the Tomahawk is over

Love it or hate it, everyone has done the Tomahawk grind at least once. We certainly have!

With FOMO dominating the Legend Cars scene, it was impossible not to take that 825,000 credits for 17-20 minutes of your time and build your balance so you could grab the classics that appeared in Legend Cars for 10+ million credits.

Now though, it looks like it is all over.

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The settings that did work no longer do, with the Tomahawk coming in at 1298 PP, rather than the 594 you could get it down to.

A new exploit?

We have tried to find a new gearing system that trims the PP down to a useable level, but are yet to find one.

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It looks like Polyphony has finally been able to prevent artificial deflation of PP within this ridiculous VGT car.

That's not to say there isn't something else out there though.

The Tomahawk X VGT is just one of four Dodge VGTs, and there are plenty of other monstrous cars in the game that could be exploitable in the same way.

The Gran Turismo community is sure to go to work trying to find a new way to bring the time down on the Tokyo 12-lap race, but it's not all over for the Tomahawk.

Vision Gran Turismo Trophy

New GT Cafe Menu Books have been added to GT7 as part of Update 1.15, and with them the Vision Gran Turismo Trophy is now in the game.

While you need to complete the new Menu Book No. 41 to unlock it, this may well be a place you can still race your Tomahawk.

We will be racing the new Menu Books and testing this on our YouTube channel today, so don't miss out!

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