What is the best Gr.4 car in Gran Turismo 7?

Gran Turismo 7 is a month old, and while it has delivered some great racing today we are asking what is the best Gr.4 car in Gran Turismo 7?

We've already found the best Gr.3 car in GT7, but there are regular Gr.4 races among the Daily Race list. The slower cars can also be a lot more entertaining to race. But which one do you need to buy?

The best Gr.4 car in Gran Turismo 7

The Balance of Performance (BoP) setting that is applied in Sport Mode as well as Custom Races attempts to level the playing field for all cars.

Of course, that is a tricky thing when you have a huge number of manufacturers and different design philosophies all competing on the same track.

While Polyphony does a decent job of keeping the field together, there is one Gr.4 car that stands out from the rest. The Mazda Atenza.

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The Atenza Gr.4 comes armed with 393 BHP and weighs in at a bit of a chunky 1,380 kgs. However it is a poised and predictable Gr.4 car, making it pretty easy to drive.

Once BoP is applied it also has the grunt to go past everything else in its class.

The Atenza retains its BHP and weight under BoP, giving it a huge edge over other popular cars.

The gorgeous Alfa 155 drops to just 322 BHP under BoP. Even weighing just 1,210 kg it can't keep pace.

The Supra has just 355 BHP but weighs in at 1,450 kg under BoP, while the chunky Mustang is 363 BHP and 1,485 kg.

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With a price tag of 350,000 Credits, the Atenza is a must-own for anyone that wants to venture into Sport Mode over the next few weeks.

Gran Turismo 7 updates

April is here, and the clock is ticking on Polyphony's promised updates.

We are expecting Update 1.10 to arrive this week with addresses to the in-game economy and payouts following the backlash to Update 1.07 & 1.08 which slashed credit grinds.

There are also new cars and tracks promised soon. Those could arrive at the end of April or even into May.

There is also the chance that Polyphony does some BoP tweaking in these updates.

In the event of that we will update this article to keep you in the know about the most meta car to use in Gr.4!

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