GTA 6: New leaks suggest the game will start in the 70's, male protagonist & more!

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Grand Theft Auto V has been out for years now, and still receives weekly updates.

However, many are looking forward to GTA 6, which we hope will arrive soon. The arrival of next-gen consoles makes it far more possible!

So, let's take a look at what the latest leaks say, and whether or not they're believable.

GTA 6 - The new leaks

The latest leak has been noted down on Reddit after a 4Chan AMA was removed from the site. That's somewhat suspicious in itself, did this leak get the details a tad too right?

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NEW CONTENT: GTA Online and V are still frequently updated!

Some of the major elements of this leak are about the story. The game will supposedly take place in 1970's Florida, with a male protagonist.

Likewise, the story of the game is said to follow closely the patter that Red Dead Redemption 2's did, with a chapter style layout. It also highlights that the game will not be "quite [as] emotional".

It's also important to take these leaks with a pinch of salt. These leaks have no official source as they are... leaks!

GTA V - Summer refresh

As we know, an "expanded and enhanced" version of GTA V is coming out this Summer.

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REFRESHED: We don't yet know what this new refresh will contain!

As such, the release of next-gen consoles may not have expedited the release of the new game as much as we first hoped.

However, this refresh may have been in the works already, so a release date for the new game may not have been affected. We're also sure that this new version of GTA V on next-gen will add some content with huge value to the game.

GTA 6 - Release date

The main thing we took away from the list was that GTA 6 is supposedly penned for an October 2023 release.

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MULTIPLAYER: We can't wait to cause mayhem in the new game when it comes out!

This fits some of the other rumours, which penned the game's cycle as switching to a whopping 10 years.

However, we have had tweets from the official Rockstar account asking us to 'stay tuned'. So, who knows when an official release date will be announced!

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