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*UPDATED* GTA Online Servers LIVE: Systems are back, Weekly Update coming soon!

Normally we would be diving into GTA Online to see what the latest discounts and deals are in the new GTA Online Weekly Update.

However, that was not possible as GTA Online Servers dropped hard this morning.

Update - They are back!

GTA Online servers are now green.

gta servers
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That means they are back up and running. With that, the Weekly Update should flow through and we'll soon have all the details of discounts and deals to be had in Los Santos.

Original story below

GTA Online is down

There's been no word as to why, but with Down Detector spiking and players on Twitter reporting constant issues it looks like the GTA Online servers are down.

GTA Online down
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It is perhaps not surprising that it has happened at what is usually an incredibly busy time in Los Santos as players jump into the game to see what's new and try to win new cars and claim discounts and bonuses.

Hopefully the servers will be up soon, but this could drag on for a while.

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