GTA Online: Title Update 1.52, Patch Notes, New Vehicles, Kosatka & more!

The latest title update is now here for GTA V, and it adds a lot of content.

Along with the exciting Cayo Perico heist, players are treated to nine new vehicles.

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Let's take a closer look at everything vehicle related in update 1.52!


This content drop comes with an awesome bunch of new vehicles... Nine of them in fact!

These vehicles range from the brand new submarine, the Kosatka (more on that later) to the new Pegassi Toreador sports car.

GTA Online Kurtz 31
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PATROLLING: The Kurtz 31 is ready for action!

There is a new Sparrow on the way, a lightweight maneuverable helicopter for you to use.

We also have the RO-86 Alkonost on the way, and the Annihilator Stealth to round out our air arsenal. This Concorde-esque plane and stealth helicopter will make for a nice addition to our garage.

For the water, there is the Shitzu Longfin and Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat, both of which you can pilot.

Finally, on land, we have the Pegassi Toreador sports car and the Vapid Winky.

There is also a free go kart for players, but there is only a limited window to claim it.


There is also a new submarine in the game thanks to update 1.52, which you can use as a hub, the Kosatka.

GTA Online Kraken
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MOON POOL: You can launch the Kraken Avisa from inside the Kosatka!

It comes with a huge list of customisations, including colour, sonar station, guided missiles, weapon workshop and moon pool vehicles.

These moon pool vehicles include the Kraken Avisa, a small underwater submersible which can be launched from the submarine.

This new update has us excited for the future of the game!

Other Notes

There are some notable bug fixes related to cars in certain missions and heists, as well as their prices.

GTA Online RO86
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FLY IN STYLE: The RO-86 Alkonost in action!

These include not being able to drive certain vehicles, and others getting stop which blocks progress.

Other bug fixes pertaining to cars included textures that weren't rendering properly, and certain mechanics not functioning as intended. This includes the Cargobob helicopters not being able to lift the Vapid Peyote Custom.

For full patch notes, you can read them here!

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