GTA Online Update 2 September LIVE: New podium vehicle, Prize Ride, discounts, Prime Gaming bonuses & more!

The Los Santos Tuners has added a bit more excitement to the GTA Weekly Update, adding a new car for players to win every week on top of the Podium Vehicle.

With each fresh update players can save a lot of GTA$ and win some awesome cars for free.

So, let’s take a look at what’s coming for players this week, and when you can expect to play it!

New car arrives!

Another new car has dropped as part of the Los Santos Tuners collection. The Ubermacht Cypher is based on the BMW M2 (F87), but with a few borrowed elements from other BMWs.

GTA online ubermacht cypher
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The Ubermacht Cypher is also this week's Prize Ride. Players can earn it by winning five Street Race Series races.

Podium car

This week's Podium car is the Dundreary Landstalker XL.

This beastly SUV is based on the 4th Gen Lincoln Navigator and would normally set you back $1,220,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, but now it can be yours for free if you win the big wheel spin!

GTA online landstalker XL
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  • Dinka Jester RR - 30% off
  • Nagasaki Weaponised Dinghy - 40% off
  • Mammoth Tula - 40% off
  • Grotti Itali RSX - 40% off
  • Benefactor Krieger - 40% off
  • Progen Emerus - 40% off
  • All Auto Shops - 25 % off

Bonus GTA$ and RP activities

This week's biggest bonuses are found in Adversary Mode - Tiny Racers, which is TRIPLE GTA$ & RP.

There is double GTA$ & RP for Contracts and DJ Requests too.

Twitch Prime Bonuses

  • Vapid Flash GT 80% off
  • Obey Tailgater S - 35% off

Time trial

This week's time trial is Coast To Coast, which has a par time of 2:29.400.

RC Bandito time trial

This week's RC Bandito time trial is Power Station, which has a par time of 1:45.000.

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