GTA Online Update 5 August LIVE: Annis ZR350 Prize Ride, GTA$ and RP on Street Races, & more!

Following the recent Los Santos Tuners update, GTA Online has seen a huge resurgence in players.

This is brilliant for fans of the game, as not only will the wait for GTA 6 hopefully go a little quicker, but there are also more players to enjoy the new content with.

So, let's take a look at what players can expect in this week's update!

New content and Podium Car

Excitingly, this week's update adds another vehicle to the game, which is the Vapid Dominator ASP.

Vapid ASP
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This will set you back a cool $1,775,000 and also arrives with the Annis ZR350 as the new Los Santos Tuners Prize Ride.

The Podium vehicle is the Canis Seminole Frontier.


As per usual, we have a huge number of discounts we can try and take advantage of.

  • 30% off Mammoth Squaddie
  • 30% off RO-86 Alkonost
  • 30% off Lampadati Tigon
  • 40% off Grotti Itali GTO
  • 40% off Vapid Ellie
  • 50% off all Offices

These are some hefty discounts for players to take advantage of, so make sure to jump online while they are active!

Bonus GTA$ and RP Activities

We have a number of activities that benefit from extra GTA$ and RP this week, which is good news for all of us.

GTAOnline racing
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There are 2x bonuses on Street Races, Survivals, and Business Battles. This means that there are plenty of ways you can get out and earn some extra cash.

Time Trial

The time trial this week is Cypress Flats, and it comes with a Par Time of 2:07.10.

RC Bandito Time Trial

The RC Bandito time trial this week is Davis Quartz, and has a par time of 1:32.00.

Prime Gaming bonuses

Members with Prime Gaming are getting some extras this week as well in the form of some huge exclusive discounts.

80% off the Invetero Coquette BlackFin, 50% off the Benefactor BR8, and a whopping 100% off the Strawberry - Auto Shop.

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