GTA Online Weekly Update LIVE: 11 March - Squaddie discount, Nightshark podium car

Another week, another update for GTA Online players!

Last week's update was jam-packed with discounts and bonuses, so what will Rockstar have in store for Los Santos this time?

Let's take a look!

GTA Online Weekly Update release time

As ever, Rockstar will release the weekly update on Thursday.

We expect to see it in the game from around 9am GMT, that's 4am ET.

We will update this article with the new activites, discounts, and podium car when they land in Los Santos, so be sure to bookmark this page!

Podium car

It's time to head over to the Diamond Casino and grab yourself a new ride.

This week's podium car is ther Nightshark!

gta online nightshark
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TOUGH AS NAILS: The Nightshark will protect you

This armoured SUV is great for cruising around Los Santos without fear of random attacks.


After a week of huge discounts across the game, what will Rockstar put on offer this time? Let's see!

  • Mammoth Squaddie - 25% off
  • HVY Chernobog - 40% off
  • Progen Emerus - 40% off
  • Rhino - 40% off
  • Buckingham Miljet - 40% off
  • Benefactor Terrorbyte - 40% off
  • Facilities - 40% off
  • Facilities renovations - 40% off
  • Widowmaker - Laser Weapon - 40% off
  • Unholy Hellbringer - Laser Weapon - 40% off

While Rockstar has been bringing Cayo Perico vehicles to Los Santos over the weeks, that well is beginning to run dry.

squaddie gta online
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THE WHOLE SQUAD: The Cayo Perico car hasn't been available for long!

Bonus GTA$ & RP activities

This week sees our favourite race type, Transform Races, get the double GTA$ & RP treatment from Rockstar!

gTA online transform races
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TRANSFORM: These races can level the playing field if you don't have custom upgrades

Hunting Pack (Remix) is also double GTA$ & RP for the next seven days.

Martin Madrazo & Lamar Davis Contact Missions are also double GTA$ & RP, as are Business Battles.

Premium Race

This week's premium race is the Eight Figure Bonus.

Twitch Prime bonuses

  • HVY Barrage - 80% off
  • HVY Brickade - 80% off
  • Vetir - 35% off

Time trial

This week's time trial is Galileo Park, which has a par time of 2:05.00.

RC Bandito time trial

This week's RC Bandito time trial is Construction Site I, which has a par time of 1:50.00.

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