GTA Online Weekly Update 11 November: Prize Ride, podium car, bonuses, discounts, triple GTA$ & more

GTA fans have an exciting month ahead as San Andreas hits Game Pass and the GTA Trilogy arrives on every major platform.

But that doesn't mean GTA Online is being forgotten. Rockstar continues its Weekly Update cycle, and the days are ticking down to an expected GTA Online Winter Update 2021 too.

Let's take a look at what is to come with this week's GTA Online Weekly Update.

GTA Online Weekly Update release date

Thanks to Rockstar's regular update schedule we know when the next Weekly Update will arrive.

gta heists
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A GOOD TIME TO HEIST: There are double rewards on the OG Heists right now!

The new update has landed in Los Santos on Thursday, 11 November.

The update will roll out early in the morning and should be with all players by 5am ET / 10am GMT.

Current discounts and deals

The current Podium Car is the Pfister Neon. The Prize Ride Challenge is to place top 5 in 12 street races, and this will earn you a Sultan RS Classic.

Sultan RS Classic GTA Online
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There is triple GTA$ & RP on Deluxo Races and double RP and GTA$ on The Doomsday Scenario (Act 3 Only) and Special Vehicle Work.

The following discounts are also available:

  • 50% Speed Boost on Bunker Research
  • 40% off Facilities and Renovations
  • 40% off Volatol
  • 35% off Barrage
  • 50% off MKII Weapons

Your login unlock is the Banshee Racing livery for the Banshee and the 'Wasted!' tee.

We'll keep this article updated as more information on this week's update becomes available!

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