GTA Online Weekly Update 17 June LIVE: Podium Car, discounts, & more!

It's Thursday which means a new GTA Online weekly update for all the fans out there!

Bringing some exciting new challenges for players to try, as well as discounts, new races, and more, it’s easy to see why players love Thursdays.

So, let’s take a look at what’s in this week’s GTA Online update!

GTA Online shutting down for PS3 & Xbox 360

Even though the game was originally released on these consoles it has outgrown them, and Rockstar is now shutting down GTA Online service on these two consoles.

They aren't doing it immediately though, with the shutdown date set for 16 December.

Doubling up

This week's GTA Online discounts, bonuses, and time trials are the same as last week.

While disappointing, it does suggest something big could be coming next week. So if you haven't won the podium car yet or are loving the triple GTA$ and RP on Extraction Adversary Mode then keep going!

Podium car

There’s another beauty on the podium this week that true car lovers will want to grab. It’s the Entity XF.

This car is based on the Koenigsegg CCX and would usually set you back $795,000 from Legendary Motorsport.

entity XF
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This car is an awesome one to race with, so be sure to head to the Diamond Casino and grab it!


As always, there are a lot of discounted items for players to take advantage of this week. What will you be buying?

  • B-11 Strikeforce – 35% off
  • Buckingham Volatus – 35% off
  • Benefactor Stirling GT – 40% of
  • Pfister 811 – 40% off
overflod entity xxr gta online
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  • Dewbauchee Seven-70 – 40% off
  • All Offices – 50% off
  • Office renovations – 50% off

Bonus GTA$ & RP activities

This week sees TRIPLE GTA$ & RP for the Extraction Adversary Mode. So get ready for a rough ride!

Extraction sees an executive jet go down in the wrong part of town. A team of Bodyguards works with their team member, the Target, to rendezvous in the extraction zone and get them to the evac point. Meanwhile, the Hit Squad try to find the Target first and put them down.

There is double GTA$ & RP for VIP Work and for Bodyguards/Associate payouts.

Vehicle Cargo Sell missions and Simeon’s Export Requests are also double GTA$ & RP this week.

Time trial

This week’s time trial is Mount Gordo, which has a par time of 0:46.30.

RC Bandito

This week’s RC Bandito time trial is Cemetery, which has a par time of 1:20.00.

Premium race

This week’s premium race is Downtown Underground.

Twitch Prime bonuses

  • Karin 190z – 80% off
  • Grotti Bestia GTS – 80% off
  • Buckingham Nimbus – 60% off
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