GTA Online Weekly Update LIVE: 18 March - Load up, it's Arena War time!

A new week means one thing for avid GTA Online fans, a new GTA Online update.

Last week's update contained an exciting mix of discounts as well as some exciting Double GTA$ and RP activities.

So, let's take a look at what's in store for us this week!

GTA Online Weekly Update

The update is rolling in!

It's a little delayed this week, potentially thanks to the US's switch to DST.

Now that it's here let's see what we are getting this week.

Podium vehicle

It's time to head over to the Diamond Casino and try your luck on the big wheel.

This week the podium vehicle is the Pfister Comet SR.

pfister comet sr
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COME GET ME: Who doesn't love a free car?

This sports car will normally set you back $1,145,000 from Legendary Motorsport but now it can be yours for free.

Landing in the game as part fo the Doomsday Heist, the car is modeled on the Porsche 997 GT2 RS.


We've seen some huge discounts in the last few weeks, and this update is no exception.

  • Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy - 40% off
  • Schyster Deviant - 40% off
  • Benefactor Schlagen GT - 40% off
  • Declasse Tulip - 40% off
  • Workshop & Renovations Arena War - 40% off
  • Mammoth Squaddie - 40% off
  • HVY Apocalypse Scarab - 30% off
  • HVY Nightmare Scarab - 30% off
  • HVY Future Shock Scarab - 30% off
  • Annis Future Shock ZR380 - 30% off
  • Annis Apocalypse ZR380 - 30% off
  • Annis Nightmare ZR380 - 30% off

Bonus GTA$ and RP activities

This week there is double GTA$ and RP on Arena War modes.

arena war gta online
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IT'S WAR OUT THERE: Earn some extra $ this week

Adversary Mode - Rhino Hunter is also double GTA$ and RP. As is Special Vehicle Work.

Time trial

This week's time trial is is Stab City, and has a par time of 2:00.00.

RC Bandito time trial

This week's RC Bandito time trial is Cypress Flats, with a par time of 1:30.00.

Premium race

This week's premium race is Congestion Charge.

Twitch Prime bonuses

This week's Twitch Prime bonus is 80% off the Western Company Seabreeze.

There is also 35% off the Sparrow and 35% off the Kraken Avisa.

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