GTA V: Spa-Francorchamps recreated in GTA and how you can race there!

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Some very creative people have access to video games these days. And some of those creative people love racing, too.

One such person has made a version of Spa-Francorchamps in GTA V for players to enjoy.


So, let's take a look at this awesome recreation of the track, how you can play it, and this week's GTA update!

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Trevor goes to Belgium

The track was recreated and shared by a Reddit user, who posted this video of themselves tearing up the track.

Setups 101 TN 1
FAMOUS CORNERS: Even Raidillon has been remade!

The track seems to be a solid recreation. With just 200 props available to them, u/JeckLM, has done a brilliant job of remaking some of the iconic corners.

Better still, anyone can race on it. Without further ado, here's where you can download the track and how to race on it yourself!

How to download Spa

Firstly, and very simply, you'll need to be playing the game on PC. This is so you can download this exact version of the track.

Belgium TN 2
SPA TIME: Now you can race at Spa in GTA!

Next, head to this link. This will download the file for the track to your computer.

After that, simply follow the normal steps to install the mod on to your game. The only remaining step is to load up GTA V on your PC and get racing!


GTA Online Weekly Update

A new week, as per usual, brings some new weekly bonuses to GTA Online.

GTA Online Race
ONLINE: Multiplayer races are about to get exciting!

This week's includes discounts across the board for many vehicles, including the RO-86 Alkonost.


Users with Prime Gaming can also take advantage of some nice bonuses, including a free Kosatka Sonar Station.

So, with Spa now available and some nice vehicles discounted, get back in and get racing!

You can find a full breakdown of the update here.