Best Bluetooth transmitter for car 2023: Top picks for smartphone streaming

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Finding the best Bluetooth transmitter for your car can be tricky at times if you're not entirely sure what features to look out for.

Unlike modern vehicles, older cars tend to have simple FM and AM radios, especially if they were built before Bluetooth even existed.


Fortunately, Bluetooth transmitters offer you more flexibility in vehicles of any age as transmitters use short-range frequencies to send and receive information to Bluetooth-compatible devices.

This means you can stream music and podcasts, for example, from your smartphone with ease to keep you entertained during your car journeys.

With that in mind, if you're looking for something premium, like this Sumind BT70, or you're after something a little cheaper, like this IMDEN FM Bluetooth Transmitter, then we've got you covered.

Stick around too because we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding Bluetooth transmitters to help you figure out which device is right for you and your vehicle. That being said, let's get into it...

Best Bluetooth transmitter for car


Best all-round Bluetooth transmitter for car - Nulaxy KM18

Best Bluetooth transmitter for car Nulaxy product image of a black device with a blue LCD display.
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Credit: Nulaxy

The Nulaxy KM18 looks to be an incredibly well-rounded transmitter that can be paired with almost any Apple, Android, or Galaxy device, which should make streaming your favourite playlist that bit easier.

While the device offers wireless connectivity, you also get an AUX port, USB port, and Micro SD card reader in case you wanted a few wired streaming options as well.

Other notable features include its 1.44" LED display and flexible gooseneck design for an adjustable viewing position, making it, in our opinion, a great option to consider on your hunt for a top transmitter.

Best budget Bluetooth transmitter for car - IMDEN FM Bluetooth Transmitter

Best Bluetooth transmitter for car IMDEN FM product image of a black device with orange lights on top.
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Credit: IMDEN FM

If you've got a slightly more limited budget, then this IMDEN FM device could be the transmitter for you.


IMDEN FM boasts its Bluetooth transmitter is compatible with a wide range of devices, including both Apple and Android, and has been engineered to deliver immersive hi-fi music with no distortion. In the same way you use many of the best car fans and tyre inflators, all you need to do is plug this device into your car's AUX power outlet.

On top of this, you also get two USB charging points, including a fast-charging 3.0 port, which should mean your device stays charged no matter how long your car journey.

Ultimately, the IMDEN FM transmitter looks to be a great pick, especially with its relatively low price tag.

Best Bluetooth transmitter for car with noise suppression - LENCENT T25

Best Bluetooth transmitter for car LECENT product image of a black device with a blue LED light.
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The LENCENT T25 features Noise Suppression technology, which, along with its echo-cancellation, should be ideal if you frequently make calls whilst on the move.


That said, you can also stream music and podcasts from this device wirelessly, plus you get two USB charging ports with over-current protection that should ensure a quick charge without overloading your devices.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this device though is its ability to detect your car battery voltage to help you keep on top of your car battery health.

On the whole, we believe this Bluetooth device is a top pick for wireless connectivity in your car.

Best Bluetooth transmitter for car with USB port - Anker Roav T2

Best Bluetooth transmitter for car Anker product image of a black device with orange USB port.
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Credit: Anker

The Anker Roav T2 looks to be one of the most advanced transmitters we've seen as it features automatic channel scanning, noise cancellation, plus a built-in memory that stores information about previously connected Bluetooth devices.


One of its most notable features though is its USB-C port with Anker’s signature PowerIQ 3.0 technology for high-speed charging, which should be better suited to most modern smart devices.

All in all, this bit of kit looks to be well worth considering if you're looking for something with both wireless and wired connectivity.

Best premium Bluetooth transmitter for car - Sumind BT70

Best Bluetooth transmitter for car Sumind product image of a black device with an LCD display.
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Credit: Sumind

The Sumind BT70 looks to be a versatile and advanced bit of kit for wireless Bluetooth connectivity as well as wired charging with its QC3.0 fast-charging ports.

Moreover, you get a large 1.7" LCD display that presents the song name and artist when you're streaming, or your contact’s name and number when you're on a call.


It's also worth noting that this device is compatible with Siri/Google Assistant, giving you ultimate hands-free control whilst on the road.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Finding the right Bluetooth transmitter usually throws up a ton of questions. Don't worry though because we've answered some of the most common queries right here.

What is a Bluetooth transmitter?

Bluetooth FM Transmitters, also called FM radio transmitters, allow mobile devices and MP3 players to be connected to a car's stereo system via FM radio frequencies.

This gives older vehicles that don’t have built-in Bluetooth the option of streaming music, podcasts, and even the ability to take calls from a connected device.

Some transmitters also come with USB charging ports, plus auxiliary ports and sometimes Micro-SD readers for more versatile music options.


How much should you spend on a Bluetooth transmitter?

This really depends on your available budget; however, the large majority of Bluetooth transmitters are relatively inexpensive, so you don't necessarily have to spend loads to pick up a top device.

Spending a little more will often mean you get the best, uninterrupted audio quality possible as well as additional technology like charging ports and noise cancellation, generally speaking.

That being said, the price difference between a premium bit of kit and a relatively inexpensive device tends not to be that much, so we'd recommend exploring a variety of price options to pick out a transmitter that's right for you.

Can a Bluetooth transmitter connect to multiple devices?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the transmitter, although the short answer is yes, there are some devices that can simultaneously connect multiple devices at once.

There are also some transmitters, like the Anker Roav T2, that can remember previously paired devices to make reconnecting that bit easier each time you step into your vehicle.


Can you leave a Bluetooth transmitter plugged into your car?

Bluetooth transmitters should be safe to leave plugged into your car.

While driving, the transmitter will use a small amount of power from the battery; however, this energy will be recuperated by the alternator as you drive so you don't need to worry about it draining your car.

When you switch your car off, your transmitter should no longer be able to draw power from the battery and will, therefore, eventually switch off itself.

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