Racing Wheels and Classic Racing-Themed PCs on Sale for a Limited Time Only

A PC in a blue, black, orange, and white case with a "5" in red on the front on one side of a white line. On the other, a black racing wheel and set of pedals.
Credit: Chillblast / Thrustmaster

A PC in a blue, black, orange, and white case with a "5" in red on the front on one side of a white line. On the other, a black racing wheel and set of pedals.
Credit: Chillblast / Thrustmaster

There are some fantastic sim racing deals out there right now, covering everything from peripherals, hardware, and even the racing games themselves. Notably, Chillblast and CCL have jumped in on the action, offering significant discounts on racing gear and some uniquely designed PCs, making it an ideal time to consider upgrading your setup.

From now through to Tuesday, you can save pretty big on all kinds of products built specifically with racing in mind. To help you navigate the sales, we thought a roundup of these awesome sim racing deals makes sense, especially with the weekend brewing. Let's begin with those Chillblast PCs...

A selection of 7 retro racing and F1-themed PCs in a range of different colors.
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Credit: Chillblast

Chillblast's sim racing PC deals

As you can see above, Chillblast has a unique selection of gaming PCs on offer, all adorned with iconic racing liveries from the past. The Legends range, as it's known, features striking designs, such as the classic black and gold of Lotus and the vibrant orange and blue of Gulf, any of which can help your setup stand out.

These gaming PCs not only look impressive—they also deliver exceptional performance. Take this Legends 72 Lotus PC, for instance, which boasts an NVIDIA RTX 4070 SUPER graphics card, a 14-core i5 processor, and a whopping 2 x 16GB of DDR5 RAM. These specs not only exceed practically any racing game's minimum system requirements, but they can easily handle things like Warzone too. You also get 2TB of storage courtesy of Crucial and a case that looks fantastic and is unique to the world of racing.

It gets even better. You can use the code RACE125 and save £125 on any of these gems when you spend over £1,750. We should also mention there are non-racing branded PCs available too, but we think the Legends set steals the show in this instance.

Two racing-themed PCs, one in blue and orange, the other in black and gold, with a black racing wheel from Logitech and Thrustmaster on either side.
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Credit: CCL

CCL's sim racing equipment offers

Moving onto CCL, which has a strong selection of racing wheels and some of the aforementioned Legends PCs available for less when you use the code RACINGSIM10. This voucher will unlock 10% off any of the select products you can check out using the button above, which is pretty handy if you're looking to upgrade with releases like F1 24 just around the corner.

Among the products this deal applies to, the Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition Racing Wheel stands out as it is both relatively new and boasts some impressive specs. For example, it features next-gen force feedback, a brushless servomotor, and Thrustmaster's H.E.A.R.T system of magnetic sensors that are designed to maintain precision over time. Of course, it features a hand-stitched leather cover too, plus it comes with a set of pedals to complete your setup.

There are plenty of other great racing wheels on sale, so make sure you browse all the racing gear CCL is currently offering discounts on to start saving today.

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