CSL Elite Mclaren: Fanatec launches new wheel in partnership with Mclaren!

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It's the season of giving, and we really hope someone is giving us this wheel!

The officially licensed item is available in all three of the Fanatec global stores, Europe, North America and Australia.

Now, let's take a closer look at the enthusiast focussed wheel!

CSL Elite Mclaren GT3 V2

Fanatec itself describe the wheel as a "refinement of the original", so there are ievitably improvements to be seen in this wheel!

CSL Mclaren Wheel
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FEATURES: The wheel has an awesome quick release!

Fanatec have made this wheel with an official license from Mclaren. This means that the wheel is almost identical to one you'll find in a Mclaren GT3 car.

This comes after the recent BMW M4 GT3 wheel announcement, another GT3 wheel that you can purchase.

However, what features does this new wheel have?

Wheel Features

Firstly, Mclaren provided Fanatec with a CAD of the real world item, so it genuinely is almost identical.

CSL Mclaren Screen
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SCREEN TIME: The 4th rotary switch is replaced with an OLED display!

GT3 drivers out there will notice that the 4th rotary switch is missing on the wheel, but this has simply been replaced with a small OLED screen.

The V2's biggest upgrade is its Quick Release Mechanism. This makes changing the wheel incredibly easy with no tools needed.

The shifter has also seen great improvement. This has been revised to a single piece of Mclaren orange anodised aluminium which is a rocker, so shifting up or down can be completed with one hand.

There are new 12 way rotary buttons and even laser-engraved pit and neutral buttons for the hardcore sim-racers out there.

Release Date and Price

The wheel is already available for preorder, so if you want one, get to front of the line now!

CSL Mclaren Shifter
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SHIFTER: The rocker style shifter means you can change up or down with one hand!

The CSl Elite Mclaren GT3 V2 launches on the 18 January next year, 2021.

The price varies by region, but the wheel is $199.99 in Australia, €199.95 in Europe, or A$349.90 in Australia.

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