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Fanatec's CSL DD Racing Wheel WRC Bundle Is On SALE!

A black racing wheel with a fabric exterior, orange stitching, and metal centre console attached to a black wheel base.
Credit: Fanatec

In the world of sim racing, saving money is key, given the hefty investment required for a complete racing setup. Fortunately, Fanatec agrees, so has cut the price of its CSL DD Racing Wheel WRC Bundle by $50.

This may not sound like much, but Fanatec rarely offers discounts, which makes this particular sim racing deal one of the best around. That's because you get a top racing wheel and a direct drive wheel base in return; two components that can vastly improve the realism of your favourite racing titles.

A black racing wheel with orange rear paddles on one side, while the other side features a black wheel base with a silver connection and a black cable in front of it.
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Credit: Fanatec

Starting with the CSL Elite wheel, it's officially licensed by the World Rally Championship, hence WRC in its name. That makes it ideal for games like EA's WRC, as well as a whole host of other racing titles.

It features premium brushed aluminium spokes, Alcantara grip for comfort, a three-digit LED rev indicator, and detachable paddles on the back to help you time your gear shifts to perfection.

Then there's the CSL DD wheel base, which boasts 8 Nm of self-aligning torque to ensure you really do feel every inch of the in-game road or track. It's got a broad range of compatibility too, and it's easy to set up via Fanatec's Standard Tuning Menu.

The best direct drive wheels are expensive, and this one is no exception at $649.90. However, you won't find many better direct drive bundles for the price, especially ones where you can save $50 too. Don't miss out!

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