Fanatec's GT7 Direct Drive wheel now available for pre-order

Gran Turismo 7 is rounding into view for PlayStation racers, and while many are happy to go racing on a controller the growth of affordable racing wheels means it is easier than ever to improve your experience in a Gran Turismo game.

While there are plenty of good wheels for Gran Turismo 7, a brand new one is hitting the market and will be an absolute game changer.

Welcome to the GT DD Pro from Fanatec.

The official Direct Drive wheel for GT7

Getting the official wheel for a game can sometimes feel like a bit of a rip-off, after all games usually support a whole range of manufacturers and make. However, this one is a little different.

As a direct drive wheel there is no lag, loss of feedback, or rumble of gears when you drive. It's smooth as silk and gives up to 5Nm of torque to really let you feel every little detail of the track and the car.

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Fanatec is one of the premium wheel manufacturers, so it isn't cheap to get into their family of products, but there are few advantages about the GT DD Pro.

All the trimmings

While you usually have to buy Fanatec hardware individually, the GT DD Pro bundle throws in everything you need to go racing right away.

Along with the instant, detailed force feedback from the wheel base you get a GT rim with every button and dial you need to control every aspect of your car.

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There is also a superb two-pedal set made of steel that is not only built to last but also upgradeable with Fanatec's load cell pedal to improve your feel on the brakes even further. The pedals are also horizontally adjustable, making them suitable for everyone.

You also get a table clamp for the wheel base, meaning you don't even need a full rig setup to go racing. Just a sturdy table or desk.

The base is also compatible with PC and Xbox (you'll need a different rim to play on Xbox) meaning it's not just a one-game wheel either. If you want to dive onto Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox Series X or Assetto Corsa on PC with it then you can!


Tje GT DD Pro Express Version is available for order now and is listed at 849.95 Euros (plus shipping).

That's not cheap, but the benefit over a Logitech G923 or Thrustmaster T248 is substantial. If you race enough to justify the cost then this is the wheel you need to buy!

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