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Fusion SL: Sim-Racing rig by BMW and Sedus, release date, price!

You know what we like here. Sim-racing, racing games, and sim-racing gear.

Well, boy do we have some news for you this time!

BMW, following their BMW M4 GT3 steering wheel announcement, have made another exciting sim-racing announcement. Let's take a look now!

The Fusion SL

The latest news from BMW is a fully-fledged sim-racing rig for all your sim-racing needs!

Made in collaboration with Sedus, the Fusion SL is a high-end sim-racing rig that is both incredibly functional and good-looking.

Fusion SL 2
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UTILITY: The setup simply folds out when you need it!

Designed to overcome a number of stylistic challenges, the setup looks very impressive.

It features a comfortable office chair, the Wooom chair, which double as a sim seat and suitable for office use.

This, coupled with the Fusion SL itself, make for a stunning combo. The seat offers a good seating position for racing, padding, and awesome lateral support for you force feedback wheel users.

Release Date and Price

There is currently no set release date or confirmed price, as the news is recent!

Fusion SL 1
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FUSION SL: The seat and rig work perfectly together!

We will keep you updated as soon as we know any more, although we hope it is soon.

Given that the setup has been designed to compete with high-end rigs, don't expect a small price tag on this one!

BMW M4 GT3 Wheel

The other exciting announcement recently from BMW concerns Fanatec and some new wheels!

The wheel will actually be used in the car in 2022, so you get to use it early.

It will be exclusively available form Fanatec, and has been designed by a BMW and Fanatec in partnership.

We can't wait to get our hands on some exciting new additions to the setup... Even if the wheels is projected to cost a four-figure number.

OK, so chances are we'll just watch videos and pretend we have the wheel, but either way, it's nice to see BMW taking such a keen interest in sim-racing!

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