GT Omega PRIME Cockpit Review: A must-buy for any racer

Sim racing has been growing rapidly over the last few years thanks both to the accessibility of simulation games and the proliferation of affordable equipment for at-home racers.

2022 has already been a great year for racing game fanatics, with Gran Turismo 7 just the latest amazing title to come around.

But what’s the point of a simulation game if you’re playing it with a controller? Even a wheel clamped to a desk can fail to give you that buzz. That’s why we have been trying out the GT Omega PRIME cockpit.

So, how good is it? Let’s find out!

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Building your racing dreams

Anyone who’s ever sunk time into a racing game on a controller has wished for a wheel of their own. That was me a few years ago. Then, when I was racing with a Thrustmaster TMX clamped to my desk I was wishing for a proper rig. Enter GT Omega.

The PRIME Cockpit XL RS arrived at my door in three rather large boxes. Weighing in at just over 60 kg, once it was moved into my office and the boxes opened, the size of the assembly task felt a little overwhelming. It was like I’d gone to Sim Racing IKEA and walked away with something that needed an army to put together.

But a quick look at the instructions eased my worries.

GT OMega prime pieces 1
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A LOT TO TAKE IN: It's like sim racing Lego!

The PRIME Cockpit is highly customisable, with seating position, wheel mount, and pedal plate able to mount at different distances and angles. That makes it a great option for any at-home racer, but also makes it tricky to build and align correctly.

While getting the main base frame together was relatively simple. Getting the wheel and pedals in the right position required multiple attempts.

However, by far the trickiest part was getting the seat mounted. Being a complete newbie at rig building and with instructions that, while clear, were not as thorough as they could have been it was a stressful job getting the chair runners attached to rails, and then the rails put onto the frame.

Now this could have been as I was building it by myself. Scheduled help from others couldn’t happen due to the storms that swept through the UK at the time. Which meant there were only two hands available instead of four.

Since building, GT Omega has said that they are in the process of updating the instructions for the PRIME cockpit with the XL seat. So hopefully you won't have as much trouble getting it mounted as I did!

Overall, the build took most of a day, around 8-9 hours. As I said, a chunk of that was simply adjusting and manoeuvring parts of the rig to suit my own needs, but it was definitely not a quick process.

Outstanding usability

It has been worth every second though. Not only does it provide amazing immersion when you step into it, it’s actually suitable for multiple users.

Because the seat is on runners you can pull it closer or push it further away with ease. Meaning if you want to share your sim racing passion with others, they can actually try it. Fixed cockpits end up having to be setup for one person’s preferences. Even with the pedals and wheel mount secured, you can still slide the seat around, meaning it’s suitable for multiple people to use.

Assetto Corsa Competizione screenshot Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Mercedes AMG GT3
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STAY IN THE GAME: The PRIME cockpit lets you feel more like a racer than ever before

It’s also surprisingly comfortable. Having tried other rigs before, the GT Omega PRIME is easily the most comfortable cockpit I have stepped into. More formula-style rigs, especially the ones with a central pillar, can be extremely hard to get in and out of, as well as draining to try and race in. I’ve often clambered out of those at press events with a twinge in my back or cramp in my leg. Not so with the PRIME cockpit.

I built the PRIME a few days before Gran Turismo 7 arrived, which meant that I spent 30+ hours in the rig over the course of a week and it was still a comfortable place to be. With that comfort came the ability to do more endurance-style races too.

It’s also not that imposing a rig either. At 137cm long and a max of 86cm wide with the shifter plate attached it can easily fit into the corner of a room. Or create an L-shaped office corner as I have it now.

The black colouring keeps it suitable for any aesthetic, and with the companion monitor stand it gives you the perfect driving position for any game.


The GT Omega PRIME cockpit is a superb piece of racing equipment. With its stable and consistent driving position your muscle memory really builds up, allowing you to feel more confident and capable behind the wheel.

Pre-drilled slots made mounting my Fanatec CSL DD easy, and the frame can more than handle the 8Nm of the wheel base. Allowing you to really throw your virtual car around without worry.

GT Omega Prime built
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READY TO ROLL: The PRIME is a truly excellent cockpit for any racer

Perhaps the best part of PRIME cockpit is its ease of use. Even after hours of racing there is no stiffness or back issues that can occur with the more reclined formula-style cockpits. It’s easy to get in and out of. It’s comfortable to use for other games too, making it a one-stop gaming station. As a taller driver and rather large too, the PRIME along with the XL RS seat is an absolute game-changer for me.

We highly recommend the GT Omega PRIME cockpit for those looking to make the jump from desk racer to true sim racer.

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