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How to connect a racing wheel: Our tips for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

If you're planning on purchasing a racing wheel, or perhaps own one already, then you've probably wondered how you connect the device to your console or PC.

Thankfully, we've put together this guide containing our top tips to get your racing wheel set up so you can dive straight into the racing action.

Let's kick things off with the PlayStation setup...

How to connect a racing wheel to a PlayStation

With so many different racing wheels on the market, we'll start by prefacing that the following methods may not be completely accurate for all devices.

However, the following method should work for the majority of the best racing wheels for PlayStation, like this Logitech G923.

logitech g wheel
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Image Credit: Logitech

To begin, make sure your console is switched off and then attach your wheel's power adaptor to the plug socket.

Following that, connect your wheel to your console via the USB. When you turn your PS4 or PS5 on, it may cause your wheel to fully rotate in both directions to calibrate the device, especially if you own a Logitech device.

Next, attach your accompanying pedals to the steering wheel using the cable provided by the manufacturer. Depending on your device, you may also need to connect your DualShock controller to the wheel as well, but make sure your controller remains switched off.

At this point, you should be good to go, however, if you want to adjust the wheels controls, then you should be able to via the in-game settings.

How to connect a racing wheel to an Xbox

The previous method is mostly the same for connecting a racing wheel, like this Hori Overdrive, to an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.

hori overdrive xbox
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Image Credit: Hori

Begin by making sure your console is switched off. Following that, connect the USB from the wheel to the console, then do the same with the cable from the pedals to the wheel.

Next, switch on your console and connect your Xbox controller via a USB to the racing wheel. In most cases, you'll need to make sure your controller remains off at this point.

Again, you should be all set up now, but to make any changes, go into your in-game settings and adjust the configuration to your preference, for example, you can normally change your wheels sensitivity and dead zones.

How to connect a racing wheel to a PC

This method might be slightly different depending on your device as you may be required to take a few extra steps to set up your wheel correctly.

Start by attaching your pedals, and gear stick if you have one, to your racing wheel, then plug the wheel in via the power adapter.

Next, connect the wheel to your PC using a free USB port. At this point, you may need to install your racing device's software in order for it to be recognised.

To do this, go to your racing wheel manufacturer's website and you should be able to find the correct drivers to get your steering wheel working.

For example, for the previously mentioned Logitech G923, go to the Logitech G Hub website and download the software for Windows/Mac. Open the program and follow the download and install instructions to set up your device.

From this software, you can configure your wheel to your preference, for example, you can change the controls, alter the sensitivity, and manage the force feedback settings.

And that's it, your wheel should be good to go so you can crack on with what you really brought it for... racing.

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