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Save £80 On The MOZA R5 Racing Wheel Bundle

A black sim racing wheel with a white centre line at the top attached to a wheel base in front of a large screen.
Credit: MOZA

Sim racing is expensive business. From wheels to pedals and even the games themselves, picking up all the gear you need to complete your setup doesn't come cheap. That is, of course, unless you catch something like this MOZA R5 Bundle while it's on sale, giving you the complete sim racing package for less.

Right now, you can save £80 by investing in this deal, with the total package coming in at £459 rather than £539. That's still a lot, but you get one of the best racing wheels around, a top-tier set of pedals, and one of the best wheel bases on the market in return. It's a comprehensive collection that can upgrade every aspect of your current setup.

MOZA R5 product image of a black sim racing wheel connected to a wheel base with table clamps beneath, then the whole bundle next to a set of black pedals.
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Credit: MOZA

More specifically, this bundle features one of the best direct drive wheels around thanks to the high-end 5.5 Nm torque wheel base it's attached to. When combined, these two will work harmoniously to deliver realistic and powerful feedback based on the driving conditions you see on your screen.

The wheel itself goes even further by featuring 22 fully customisable buttons to make onboard adjustments even easier, and flow lights across the top that are designed to help you time your gear shifts to perfection.

The pedals are impressive too, as they're made from high-strength steel and feature hall sensors to accurately emulate your braking force on-screen. With a handy table clamp as well, this bundle is the complete direct drive package if you're on PC. Just make sure you act fast if you want to pick it all up for less!

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