MOZA R9 Wheel Review: The Fanatec Killer? SR-P Pedals, CS Wheel, R9 Wheelbase!

As you may have seen, MOZA burst onto the scene late last year with their R16 and R21 wheelbases, serving as competition for a variety of high-end hardware.

However, the R9 wheelbase launched in March with 9Nm of strength as an alternative to the Fanatec CSL DD. And boy, has it done a good job of it.

So, let's take a closer look at the MOZA R9 WHeelbase, the SR-P Racing Pedals and CS Wheel.

R9 Wheelbase

The unit is relatively compact, coming in at slightly smaller than the CSL DD, meaning the R9 can fit on many rigs. It's as simple as screwing the wheelbase to whatever wheel deck you have using the attached screws and you're good to go.

SMALL BUT MIGHTY: The R9 wheelbase is an impressive bit of kit!
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SMALL BUT MIGHTY: The R9 wheelbase is an impressive bit of kit!

After long periods of use in what was an incredibly hot office here I didn't find the wheelbase to be too hot nor did I have any problems with disconnecting - it was very much just plug and play!

On the right-hand side of the Moza Pit House are a number of common driving titles which can all be 'configured' with a click of a button.

However, once in the game, it is of course necessary to bind the buttons on whichever wheel you have.

SR-P Racing Pedals

'One of the biggest upgrades which anyone can make to a sim racing setup is the pedals' is something that I've seen many times over the years. Now that I
have a good set of pedals, I see what everyone was talking about.

PEDAL TO THE METAL: The SR-P pedals feel premium!
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PEDAL TO THE METAL: The SR-P pedals feel premium!

Once again, the software was incredibly useful when setting up the pedals. Not being used to sim racing pedals of this calibre, I was immediately struck by
the feel of the load cell brake pedal. The half spring half damping block combination means that, in combination with the software, the brake pedal can
be used for a variety of different strengths - the brake sensor even has a maximum input of 75KG meaning anyone can find their ideal pressure.

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The pedals themselves offer a high precision encoder meaning that the information transmitted to the game is incredibly accurate. This has shaved tenths from my lap times that I didn't even know existed.

CS Wheel

Finally, the wheel. Now, for my liking, it is a bit large, but I'm sure for many looking for general simracing use it would be ideal.

AROUND WE GO: The wheel even has carbon fibre shifters!
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AROUND WE GO: The wheel even has carbon fibre shifters!

The leather feels premium, the stitching is of good quality, and the brushed aluminium finish would look good in any setup. Likewise, the many buttons on the front are satisfying to push and even for my quite small hands, easy enough to reach.

The same can be said for the dials, which offer a nice 'click' for each turn and can also be pressed in to provide another button on the wheel face.

The quick release is also impressive. It does have to be aligned rather perfectly to completely attach (I thought mine was broken at first) but once it was
in place, a satisfying thunk sounded announcing that the wheel was good to go.

I have since removed and re-attached the wheel multiple times, and haven't
had an issue.


Everything from the software, to the finish on the pedals feels premium to me. The price point as well is incredibly attractive and offers a great alternative to the Fanatec CSL DD for those chasing a sim racing upgrade.

Delivery was quick and all the items were well packaged, giving peace of mind that the wheelbase and pedals will work as they should and the wheel
itself will be in one piece.

Having only used a Logitech G923 before, it feels incredibly hard not to recommend this, especially as it is now stocked by GT Omega for those in the UK and Europe.

RacingGames Rating: 9/10

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