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Grab The MOZA SR-P Pedals At 17% Off

A two-pedal set of sim racing pedals in black and dark grey in front of a light orange and white background.
Credit: MOZA

We know that building the perfect setup can be a costly affair. From high-quality wheels to top-of-the-range pedals, there are a lot of components to invest in. However, here's your chance to elevate your racing game without breaking the bank, as this exceptional MOZA SR-P Pedal set is on sale at a great price!

Take advantage of the current promotion and save 17% on the MOZA SR-P Pedals, bringing the cost down to just £149. That's an exceptionally good deal for what are some of the best sim racing pedals on the market.

MOZA SR-P product image of a two-pedal set of sim racing pedals in black and dark grey.
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Credit: MOZA

We say this because they're constructed from durable high-strength steel and equipped with a precision pressure sensor that can detect weight up to 100kg. Combined, these pedals ensure responsive inputs every time, and they provide a reliable, solid base to press against.

What's more, they feature a 16-bit high-precision magnetic encoder that is said to capture every movement with incredible accuracy, thus providing a more realistic driving experience. You can adjust the pedal spacing too for optimal comfort, and its USB connection makes it an easy set to pair with your PC.

So, if your current setup is lacking a high-quality set of pedals, don't miss out on the chance to pick up this exceptional set while it's on sale!

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