Thrustmaster T248 Hybrid Drive: Features, platforms, price, release date, & more!

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New hardware is always exciting, and for sim racers, it doesn't get much more exciting than a new wheel or set of pedals.

Well, Thrustmaster has us covered. They recently revealed all concerning their latest endeavour in the wheel and pedal, world, the T248.

Billed as an upgrade for the TMX and T150 wheels, let's take a closer look at the hybrid drive wheel now!

The T248 Hybrid Drive

The latest wheel from Thrustmaster has now been revealed, as well as the awesome feature list that it boasts.

Firstly, the wheel has undergone somewhat of a rebrand, with 'Hybrid Drive' being the name for the gear and belt system that we see across the Thrustmaster peripheral range.

The T248 offers '70% more power' than the T150. However, we're not quite sure how this will manifest in real life, does this mean stronger force feedback? I'm sure we'll find out soon!

The wheel also has an adjustable force feedback system, a 'Race Dashboard Display' which can display up to 20 different pieces of information, and even 25 action buttons including the magnetic paddles.

Finally, the pedals are the newly created T3PM. They offer magnetic sensors with different spring configurations on the brake pedal as well, to allow for functionality in any setup.


The wheel is sold as a PlayStation-compatible peripheral.

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Thankfully, as with most wheels, it will also work with PC. This means you'll be able to jump into any of those Assetto Corsa mods with the T248!

Price and release date

The wheel and pedal set is launching at £299.99 or $399.99. This means that it is being branded as an entry-level wheel.

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This is still in line with the increase in price seen across the board for 'entry-level' equipment, especially for Thrustmaster.

Finally, the bundle is ready to preorder now for those in the EMEA and North American regions, with availability starting on October 21st. Those in the rest of the world will have to hang on a bit longer!

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