Speed Into Savings With This Thrustmaster TMX Wheel And Pedal Deal!

Someone in gloves and a black and orange helmet using a black Thrustmaster racing wheel.
Credit: Thrustmaster

Someone in gloves and a black and orange helmet using a black Thrustmaster racing wheel.
Credit: Thrustmaster

Transform your racing experience with the Thrustmaster TMX force feedback racing wheel and pedal set. Originally priced at $229.99, it's currently zooming ahead of the pack at $199.51, offering an enticing 13% discount for you to capitalise on.

This is a great sim racing deal if you ask us, and is a must-grab for anyone looking to elevate their game with budget-friendly force feedback precision and realistic, immersive driving sensations.

If you're not sold yet, stick around, as we're about to dive a little deeper into everything the Thrustmaster TMX has to offer...

Thrustmaster TMX product image of a black racing wheel with multicoloured buttons on the console, while the wheel itself sits next to a black two-pedal set.
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Credit: Thrustmaster

Should you buy the Thrustmaster TMX?

Compatible with Xbox and PC, this wheel offers a 900-degree turning radius with force feedback helping to bring every turn, bump, and shift to life, while the responsive pedal set offers a more authentic racing position. Whether it's for intense racing simulations or casual driving games, this bundle can deliver unparalleled immersion at home.

Its ergonomic design helps further that immersive feeling, with its realistic size (28cm in diameter) meaning you get as authentic a feel between your hands as possible while racing in your living room. It's got sequential shifters on the back too, which help reduce the time it takes to change gears as everything you need to perfectly time your shift is on the wheel itself.

You can also adjust almost every aspect of the TMX set. From the power of the force feedback to the pedals, you can tailor your setup to your preference and whatever feels most comfortable to you, which really helps if you often find yourself racing for hours without any breaks.

Ultimately, this deal helps bring this already budget-friendly racing wheel down to a cheaper price, making it the ideal option for beginners or anyone looking for a cheaper way to bring force feedback into their racing setup. Just make sure you act fast to secure this great wheel and pedal set for less!

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