Turtle Beach Reveals VelocityOne Race Wheel

Turtle Beach Reveals VelocityOne Race Wheel

Turtle Beach Reveals VelocityOne Race Wheel

If anyone was betting on Turtle Beach making sim racing wheels in 2024, congratulations, you just won. In a move that will no doubt surprise many, the best-selling headset and accessory maker is entering the sim racing market with the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race.

Let’s take a look at what the VelocityOne Race has to offer.

A new direction

Designed for both Xbox (Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One) and PC, the VelocityOne Race wheel marks a new direction for Turtle Beach. After becoming one of the go-to’s in headset technology, the company is now shifting attention to the sim racing scene.

The VelocityOne Race features a custom K: Drive motor that delivers an ultra-realistic response when tackling tough tracks. Despite its responsiveness, however, the direct drive force feedback still maintains a smooth steering experience for racers.

Turtle Beach Reveals VelocityOne Race Wheel
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The aluminium pedals feature Dynamic Brake Tek load-cell brakes, giving a true braking feeling when hitting the end of the straights. The Mag-Shift paddle shifters deliver fast, reliable gear shifts which, combined with the realistic braking, will keep your racing stable during the high-stress moments of a race.

The wheel itself features hand-stitched leather for improved grip, with every button fully remappable. There are also two additional analogue paddles on the back of the wheel. Together with the VelocityOne Race’s companion app, this creates a fully customisable racing wheel.

Turtle Beach Reveals VelocityOne Race Wheel
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The integrated Race Management Display allows racers to monitor the real-time performance of the VelocityOne, with supported games also allowing players to view race telemetry during and between race sessions.

The cost of racing

The VelocityOne Race will hit the market priced at £629.99 (approx $799). This puts it in the mid-to-high tier of racing wheels, so there’s a lot of promise being shown here.

Turtle Beach Reveals VelocityOne Race Wheel
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With Turtle Beach boasting a respectable reputation for its headsets and other accessories, the signs are there that the VelocityOne Race will enter the market ahead of the majority of the grid.

The VelocityOne Race is now available to preorder via Turtle Beach themselves or participating retailers worldwide.

Release date

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race will launch on 26 February 2024. This means we’re just over a month away from being able to get our hands on the latest in sim racing technology.

With preorders now open, players can get a headstart to beat their rivals to the next great racing wheel. Check out the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race wheel debut video below:

What do you think of the Turtle Beach VelocityOne race? Let us know in the comments below!

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