Can I play iRacing on PS4?

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There aren't many racing simulators that have been around as long as iRacing. To give you an idea of iRacing's longevity, it was released at the start of the PlayStation 3 days in 2008 and is still going strong in the early days of the PS5.

There are no signs of iRacing slowing down anytime soon, either, as new cars and circuits are being added all the time. iRacing is massively popular amongst PC games, but can you play the title on PlayStation 4?


Not on console... Yet

Sadly, for console gamers, iRacing is a PC exclusive. There are no plans currently from Motorsport Simulations to release a console version of iRacing either.

iRacing Scenery
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EXCLUSIVELY PC: iRacing is only on PC for the moment

The nature of iRacing is to constantly update the game while also rely on its extensive modding community. That would seemingly rule it out for a console release, but it's not quite that simple.

If there was to be iRacing on PS4, Racing Simulations have two options in front of them.

The first is that they could have a modding community on PS4 as well. Most people don't realise that games on PlayStation and Xbox do have modding communities, they're just not as big as their PC counterparts. That means that a lot of game developers don't bother including it, but games like Fallout 4 have shown that it works.

The second option is to use the PC market as a testing ground for mods. The good mods could be cherry-picked from PC and adapted by Racing Simulation to the console version. This would ensure quality, but it would hold up the modding process. Plus, there are potentially some legal issues with that too.



If you haven't checked out iRacing yet and you have a good gaming PC, definitely give the trailer a watch to see what you're missing out on:

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