First iRacing 2024 Season 3 Details Revealed

First iRacing 2024 Season 3 Details Revealed

First iRacing 2024 Season 3 Details Revealed

After iRacing’s 2024 Season 2 added the highly-anticipated Tempest weather system, the first details of 2024 Season 3 have been revealed.

With new cars, tracks, and other exciting features coming to the game, let’s take a look at iRacing’s 2024 Season 3 update.

New tracks

Three new tracks will make their iRacing debut in 2024 Season 3. These include a mix of old-school circuits, more modern tracks, and a new Speedway oval.

First up is the Circuit de Navarra. Located at the base of the Iberian mountains in Spain, this circuit is as beautiful as it is challenging. Home to a range of varying racing championships, the Circuit de Navarra will be free to all iRacing players.

iRacing Oswego Speedway
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Next up is Germany Sachsenring. Previously home to Formula 1 in Germany, this nearly 100-year-old racing complex is steeped in racing history. The current configuration was completed in the 1990s, bringing it up to more modern standards while still preserving its heritage.

Finally, dirt racers can kick up the dust around the Oswego Speedway. Located a stone’s throw away from Lake Ontario, ‘The Steel Palace’ has been a staple of dirt racing for decades. The dirt configuration may be absent when 2024 Season 3 launches, but the pavement version should be ready for release.

New cars

Alongside the new tracks, two new cars have been promised for iRacing 2024 Season 3. A developer blog confirms these will be "American-based GT3 racecars-based," but their identities haven't been confirmed.

However, fans are speculating these GT3 cars will be the Ford Mustang GT3 and the Chevrolet Corvette GT3. Since they were reportedly leaked by X user Matt Malone back in January, they will likely be included in the 2024 Season 3 update.

iRacing Street Stock body
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As for the Street Stock series, two new bodies are being added to create more variety for racers. These bodies have been bundled together and will be charged at a "new car price." As the fourth most popular series in the game, it’s encouraging to see the Street Stock series finally receive some attention.

2024 Season 3 also sees rain tyres added to the Porsche 992 Cup, Mazda MX-5, Ligier JS P320, and the entire GT4 class. That means these cars should now be ready to take to the track even when the clouds are overhead.

Best of the rest

The above are just the main highlights coming to iRacing 2024 Season 3, but there are plenty of other exciting features coming as part of the update.

Most interesting is the inclusion of pre-conditioned tyres and brakes when starting a race in place of running a formation lap in the game. This will put players in the best race start condition, although iRacing has stated this may be pushed back to a further update.

iRacing Spa
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Clutch variability is also coming in 2024 Season 3. This will remove the "mechanical perfection" currently in the game in favor of a more realistic approach where no two clutches are the same.

iRacing has also confirmed changes to the game’s UI, as well as tweaks to the rendering and graphics. This will boost performance by modernizing the core technologies.

As part of the reveal, iRacing has provided an update on the progression of the future Career Mode, along with improvements to the force feedback system and tire model. We also get glimpses of upcoming content, with work-on-progress screenshots of iRacing's upcoming Spa shown.

What do you make of iRacing’s upcoming 2024 Season 3 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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