How To Buy iRacing Gift Card?

It's your friend's birthday coming up, and they are crazy about iRacing but you don't know what to get them! So, here's how to buy an iRacing gift card!

The perfect gift for your iRacing friend, or if you just want to get iRacing dollars for yourself even!

It's a good option for multiple reasons, and here's exactly how to buy them.

Where to buy iRacing gift card

iRacing gift cards are electronic and delivered by email to the recipient. They are available to you in custom amounts starting from $15 all the way to $300, and anywhere in between! Which is perfect for all your needs and suits almost all budgets.

The gift cards are found only through iRacing directly, and not elsewhere!

iRacing Gift Cards
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CUSTOM GIFT CARD: iRacing provides gift cards with custom amounts of money, providing for its entire audience!

iRacing sends the gift cards on the date that you get to choose, and you can even send a message alongside it!

However, despite the fact that there are only gift cards on the official site, Amazon used to sell membership subscriptions.

What are the gift cards for?

The gift cards are very useful for any iRacing because they cover in-game currency, needed to access in-game content!

So you can get a new membership subscription, or renew your current one. You can also buy cars, tracks, and host private races!

iRacing Cars Chevrolet Corvette
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PLETHORA OF CHOICES: With iRacing's ever-growing selection of cars, there's plenty of options to choose from!

So you're either going to provide funds to start iRacing, or some additional features for your current going career? With over 100 cars to choose from and over 100 tracks, there's plenty of options for you!

They're a perfect gift for your iRacing friends as it lets them get whatever they want. This is also a good option to get for someone who wants to start out in iRacing, granted they have what iRacing needs to run in terms of hardware.

All you need

Now that you know how to buy iRacing gift cards, you're a few clicks away from getting one. All you need is a payment method and you can let your friends buy all their in-game wants and needs!

An important notice is that iRacing doesn't allow transfers of in-game currency so you have to make sure all the money is going to the right account.

iRacing Dallara 2
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SHOW ON THE ROAD: Get your friend's career started on iRacing, a few paywalls away!

So, you're finally well equipped with all you need to get iRacing gift cards. You have all the knowledge you need, and you know how simple the process is.

For more iRacing tips, news, and opinions, make sure to tune back in here at Racing Games!

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