How to get sponsors in iRacing

Are you a passionate racer looking to get sponsors in iRacing? Then you're at the right place! Because, here at Racing Games, we are giving you all the knowledge you need.

You'll be on the way to be able to land some sponsors and make money on iRacing!

Make a name for yourself

The first step to getting sponsors in iRacing, or any competitive game, is recognition! Getting exposure is very important! In order to make it big out there, you really need to make a name for yourself.

You can do this in multiple ways, one major one is through streaming and content creation.

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A NAME FOR YOURSELF: You are capable of becoming the next big name in the world of racing esports! This is where your journey starts!

Creating content on websites such as YouTube and Twitch will get you the exposure that is very highly sought after by different establishments. Additionally, You're setting yourself up for making money through these platforms.

You can also use social media such as Twitter and Instagram to create content and create a following for you. In the 21st century, it's easier than ever to make a name for yourself, the internet is your ticket!

Best of the best

Another way to make a name for yourself is by becoming a competitive racer. Being among the best, means you get to compete in iRacing esports, such as eNASCAR.

By becoming a top-tier racer and playing at the highest level events, you will establish yourself as one of the best iRacing drivers out there, and the glory will follow naturally!

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CRÈME DE LA CRÈME: The road to the top is steep and difficult. Can you see yourself up there among the best?

Additionally, playing in the iRacing esports circuits means that you're going to potentially make your cut of money from the generous prize pools.

Sponsors and teams are always looking out for new talent, and you just might be the next big thing!

Getting sponsors in iRacing

After getting your name out there, and starting to do your best to create a following, the steps really are always going to be clear, there will always be the next step for you!

From getting partnered with Twitch, to reaching your next subscriber count milestone. There will always be new things for you to achieve!

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RACE FOR A REASON: If you're looking to land sponsorships, race with your goal always in mind, your goals are your biggest motivator!

Getting sponsored is a process. And it's not often that you are able to search for them actively, although that might be possible in certain scenarios.

Work on achieving things. Make a name for yourself, and put yourself out there into the world. Aim to give the brands a reason to want to have you onboard their sponsorship programs!

For more iRacing news, tips, and inquiries, make sure to tune back in right here at Racing Games!

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