How to Start iRacing

The most popular racing simulator out there is within your reach, and closer than you think! Let us guide you through the steps on how to start iRacing!

iRacing might just be a few paywalls away, being easily accessible to most systems! The game accommodates almost all modern rigs!

Can your system run iRacing?

The first mandatory requirement for getting started with iRacing is for sure your system. The requirements for running iRacing are available even in low-end PCs. However, very old systems will require you to get some upgrades in order to get racing.

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THE NEXT HOTSHOT: Before you know whether you have what it takes to be the Hamilton of iRacing, can your system run the game?

We have previously visited the topic of needed specs for iRacing. And if our detailed list still has you questioning, iRacing has a tool you can use to check if your system can run the game. After you run through the options, if your system can run the game, you're done with the first step!

Aside from your computer and specs. There are some hardware peripherals that you can get, but it is not necessary for playing the game. However, it does impact the overall experience of racing quite heavily! iRacing gives you a list of wheels and controllers that you can use to check your options!

The software paywalls

Next, once your system is ready and capable, you're only being stopped by paywalls. iRacing costs nothing to download, but in order to play, you have to pay the membership subscription!

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MONTHLY PAYWALL: Behind the excellence of iRacing, you need to subscribe monthly to get access to your beloved game.

Starting at around $13.99 a month seems very unappealing. But with the plans that your company off, you can save on subscriptions quite a lot. You can pay as low as around $4.70 for each month, as a part of the 2-year plan.

After subscribing, you're ready! There are many add-ons you may get in terms of cars and tracks. But you have access to the main game once you are a member, you have access to the website, and you're a few clicks away from racing!

Finally, how to start iRacing

You're all geared up and ready to get to the track now. Hope into the member's website and look for a time trial, practice race, or an official race even! Log in and get your engine running!

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GET RACING: Once you're set and ready, it's time to take it to the tracks!

Your system will more likely than not be able to run iRacing! Make sure to have the members site within your reach as it will serve as your menu and dashboard for all your racing needs. And it will surely be the place you spend the most time in when you're not on the track.

And that's all folks! Once you check this list of things, you're ready to give the best racing simulator in the world a test run! For more iRacing news and takes make sure to follow us here and check in at Racing Games!

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