iRacing partners with Mercedes-AMG F1 team to put Formula 1 cars in the game

iRacing is lauded by many as the best racing sim out there. While far from cheap to play, being a subscription service rather than purchasable game, it gives back in quality and user-friendliness.

Now, the game has teamed up with 7-time World Constructors' Champions Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team to take the title to the next level.

F1 cars in iRacing

iRacing and Mercedes-AMG have announced that the iconic racing team will bring multiple vehicles to iRacing in future builds of the game.

It will start with the F1 W12, this year's title contender, and is just the latest example of iRacing's growing reach to all corners of racing.

iRacing pitstop
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WE'LL NEED A FEW MORE... : F1 pitstops use far more crew than any other

“We couldn’t be more excited to add world-class race cars like the Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance to iRacing in the near future,” said iRacing executive vice president Steve Myers. 

“We have been working closely with iRacing since the start of 2021 to bring the W12 life in iRacing’s virtual environment,” said James Vowles, Motorsport Strategy Director, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team. “The intent was to create as accurate a representation of W12 as possible from a performance and driving perspective. Throughout the process we have held a unique and close relationship with the developers, which has generated a model we hope everyone enjoys driving as much as our drivers have.”

This year and beyond

The W12 isn't the only F1 car Mercedes is bringing to iRacing though. Their 2022 contender will also land in iRacing. Developed to a completely different set of technical regulations than the 2021 car, it will be a different challenge for both Lewis Hamilton and iRacing drivers.

The reintroduction of ground effect, simplified power units, and 18-inch wheels will make for a driving experience that stands in stark contrast to the 2021 car.

When will these cars arrive?

There has been no timeline given for the release of these cars, but we can expect them to come in waves. The 2021 car is likely almost ready to go, but the 2022 version could be another 12 months off.

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BACK IN BLACK: The 2021 Mercedes carried on the black livery that was debuted in 2020

As for price, iRacing players should expect to pay $14.99 each for the Mercedes-AMG F1 cars. This is unconfirmed, but would be inline with iRacing's price points for other premium vehicles or and tracks.

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