iRacing's Career Mode Isn't What We Thought it Would be

iRacing's Career Mode Will Be Released In Stages

iRacing's Career Mode Will Be Released In Stages

iRacing is finally receiving its badly-needed career mode, but for fans wanting to jump straight in and rack off race after race, we have some news for you. As it turns out, iRacing’s career mode won’t be coming all at once.

A career in racing

2024 is definitely the year of iRacing. On top of claiming the rights to NASCAR, the sim title has also reclaimed the IndyCar series from Motorsport Games after their recent issues and has now revealed more details on the upcoming career mode.

iRacing's Career Mode To Be Released In Stages
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Fans have been asking for a career mode in iRacing for a while now. New players are overwhelmed when they are immediately thrown onto a track with other real-life drivers, with no real way for beginners to get accustomed to the racing before hitting the tarmac.

Thankfully iRacing has now responded, revealing that a career mode is in the works ready for release next year. Before fans get too excited, however, there is one small catch.

Stage racing

In a recent interview with Insider Gaming, iRacing President Tony Gardner, stated the first step of iRacing’s career mode will hopefully launch from 2025 onwards. That’s right, the first step.

Gardner went on to say that iRacing’s career mode won’t be released in one, large update. Instead, the career mode will be split across several updates, each adding more content for racers to get stuck into.

iRacing's Career Mode To Be Released In Stages
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“I think it’s going to come in steps,” Gardner announced. From this, we can determine that the career mode will be introduced gradually, with the first stages released at some point in 2025.

Gardner expanded more, saying “I would hope that what I’m calling a traditional career mode is going to release sometime next year in 2025. But, I’m not promising that for sure. You know how software development is.”

Introducing a career mode to a game with the scale of iRacing is no easy feat, so it’s good to see the developers have a plan to integrate things in slowly.

Are you excited to see a career mode finally come to iRacing? Let us know in the comments below!

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