Mario Kart Tour Bamboo - What courses have it, races & more!

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The latest Tour has arrived in Mario Kart Tour, and it brings some awesome new gameplay to the handheld title.

With the new tour kicking off today, players are rushing to get the new challenges completed.

A number of these involve racing in tracks with bamboo. However, which tracks are these? Let's take a look now!

Bamboo Challenges

There are currently three challenges which require players to complete certain actions on tracks with bamboo.

MK Ninja
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NINJA TIME: The latest Tour has arrived in-game!

These are as follows:

Get 1st place a total of 5 times on a course with bamboo Rubies x1
Activate Frenzy mode 3 times on a course with bambooRubies x1
Do 20 Jump Boosts on a course with bambooRubies x1

As you can see, each challenge holds the reward of 1 ruby.

Courses with bamboo

Many players have been left scratching their heads wondering which tracks they should be loading up to get these challenges done.

Thankfully, there is one track which contains bamboo. That is the brand-new Ninja Hideaway, which debuts today.

This track will be perfect for getting all of your challenges completed!


New Tour

The new tour landed today, and lasts until April 20th for all players of the game. This means there are two weeks for you to get playing and earn some big rewards.

mario kart tour grid
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GRID TIME: You'll need to make sure you're fast off the line!

This Tour, there are 255 total Grand Stars to collect in order to earn all the prizes, you'll need to make sure you get racing.

This time, the Gold Pass offers some exciting incentives also, including 1,100 coins, 30 rubies and 15 total item tickets over the free rewards.

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