Our Mario Kart 9 wish list

We're big Mario Kart fans here at the virtual office, as we assume many of you are also.

With Mario Kart 9 now on the horizon, many fans have started thinking about what they'd like to see in the new game.

So, here's our Mario Kart 9 wish list, and we hope Nintendo are listening!

Track Variety

One thing that Mario Kart Tour nailed for fans was the massive variation in tracks to race on.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch
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MARIO KART 8: We loved MK8, but there are always things to improve!

There were more than just the simple mirrored versions of tracks, with many receiving new, large features and more.

For us, Mario Kart 9 would be silly not to include these. They could help so much with variety in the game and making sure the game stays feeling fresh!

An Adventure Mode

Another big feature that could be awesome for the game would be greater single-player variety, such as an adventure or story mode.

This would allow players to explore greater portions of a specific world or universe on kart, and just make the game more playable.

This one is definitely a big ask, but we think this feature would help push Mario Kart 9 to the next level.

Online Improvements

One of the main ways other games can scrounge on their single-player content is with a well-rounded multiplayer.

MK8 1
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RACE TOGETHER: Online play could still be massively improved in Mario Kart!

We think that Mario Kart 9 needs a true multiplayer experience, with well-populated matchmaking and potentially a ranked mode.

These would go a long way to encouraging more players to jump online in the game, and add another aspect to Mario Kart for most players.

Fresh Content

For us, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was a brilliant game that deserved more post-launch content.

As such, Mario Kart 9, for us, needs some sort of fresh content added after its launch to keep players engaged.

Whether that be new tracks, new modes or even new vehicles, we'd love more DLC!

Ways to race

Finally, we think Mario Kart 9 would be silly not to encourage players to use gliders/boats more. This would also allow for more tracks.

MK8 1 1
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TO THE SKIES: Mario Kart 9 could have many ways to play!

With certain tracks designed around different ways to play, the game could expand massively.

This could easily be another way to provide players with a game that they would never want to put down!

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