Asphalt 9: How to get more credits, unlock cars quick & more!

Asphalt 9 is an awesome mobile game, and has been stealing many of our hours recently...

However, there are certain ways that we can earn more in-game currency and get more vehicles.

So, what exactly are these methods? And how can you go about taking advantage of them also? Let's take a look!

Pay Up

Obviously, one of the most simple ways to advance quickly is to use real money.

Asphalt 9 More Credits
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BOOST TIME: Nitro is an essential gameplay element of Asphalt 9!

This will enable you to purchase more card packs as well as tokens and credits than you can earn in the game.

Don't worry however, like us, you're likely a Free to Play player (F2P). So, let's move on and see how we can try and keep up with the competition!

Free and Ad Packs

The biggest thing for F2P players is to utilise the free and ad packs in the shops.

Asphalt 9 Racing
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RACE TIME: TouchDrive makes racing easier than ever!

The free pack is available every four hours, and the ad pack is available whenever well... There are ads available!

These provide another easy way in which F2P players can progress faster in the game. Not only this, these packs are frequently overlooked, so if you're an avid player, log on every four hours to take advantage!

Keep Racing

Make sure you're using as much of your fuel as you can. If you have 3 cars, be sure to get 18 races done!

Asphalt 9 Progress Fast
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VARIETY: There are a huge number of cars to choose from!

Additionally, each time your reputation levels up, your fuel will reset across all the vehicles you own.

This should mean that, initially, your reputation level should keep you in the game and racing frequently. The best way to keep earning credits is to just keep playing!

Get those Flags!

Each race and series comes with a series of flags, which are objectives for you to complete.

The more of these you complete, the more credits you'll earn. In fact, if a race has three Flags and you complete all three, you'll earn triple credits.

This will let you upgrade your car even faster, and get progressing through the game. So when you are playing, make sure you're playing with an objective in mind if you want to earn those higher tier cars more quickly!

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