Asphalt 9 Legends Update 17: Fire & Lightning Season, patch notes & new cars

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Mobile racing continues to grow and grow, and the Asphalt series has long been at the heart of the community.

More than two years after its release, Asphalt 9: Legends is still going strong and offers wild arcade racers with highly accessible controls and a huge variety of challenges in some of the most amazing and powerful cars in the world.

A new season is here, but what does it hold?

Update 17 - Fire & Lightning Season

The new season is here! It's aggressively titled as Fire & Lightning Season.

Asphalt 9 Racing
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ON THE EDGE: Asphalt is all about pushing the limits

With that big name comes some impressive new cars for players to use.

New cars

Asphalt 9: Legends already has a huge car list, but what new vehicles can you add to your garage?

  • Inferno Autombili Inferno (S 3,549/3,703)
  • Infiniti Project Black S (D 729/1,119)
  • Acura NSX GT3 EVO (C 2,089/2,278)
asphalt 9 legends inferno
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Legends Pass

As ever, there are some benefits for those with the Legends Pass. This time it is early access to some awesome blueprints of two fresh rides.

They are:

  • Nio EP9 (A 2,113/2,359)
  • Aspark Owl (S 3,668/3,824)
asphalt 9 legends nino
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Fire & Lightning patch notes

This update brings you 3 events to join and compete in.

Take part in the Acura NSX GT3 EVO Grand Prix, a time-limited event where players are grouped and compete against each other for a chance to win a car key of a featured car.

Then there are two Elite Prix events. Similar to Grand Prix, in Elite Prix players compete for Epic Import parts and can win some Blueprints in Practice rounds. These are the Techrules AT96 Elite Prix and Aston Martin Valhalla Elite Prix

New Car hunt

Enter the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport Car Hunt.

A brand new car hunt with a guaranteed key as a milestone reward! As part of the benefits of the Legend Pass, owners will be able to participate in a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Car Hunt and a Special Event for the new Aspark Owl!

Multiplayer changes

  • You will now earn additional rewards based upon your final league. With higher leagues, more and better rewards will come.
  • Added a cap for the amount of rating you can lose in a single race.
  • The series score has been adjusted to ensure that you get some score if there are 4 players in a race no matter where you finish. If there are more players in the race, you will score as long as you don’t finish in the last place.
  • Updated the requirements to unlock the milestone rewards and lowered the total score needed to get all of them.
  • The next round of multiplayer challenges will be free entry and the races will feature 1 lap instead of 2. This means you will be able to race more in less time!
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