CarX Drift Racing Online: Can you play CarX on PS5?

We can't get enough of CarX Drift Racing Online! This arcade racer is one of the few bespoke drifters out of on console now. Having started as a mobile game, this title has made its way to PC and now both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Is CarX Drift Racing Online also available on PS5, though? We've got everything you need to know about CarX on next-gen right here!

Backwards compatibility saves the day

While CarX Drift isn't available as a bespoke PS5 game, the title is available to play on the console. Thanks to the PS5's backwards compatibility, gamers can download CarX on their PS4 and utilise this feature to play on next-gen.

CarX Drift Racing Online
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SLIP N SLIDING: Is CarX as good on PS5 as it is PS4 though?

There is a catch, though. As this is technically a PS4 game, it won't look as crisp nor play as smoothly as a PS5 title. Sony's website does state that some features of games played using backwards compatibility will be stripped back. So, if you have a PS4, you're best off using that to play CarX than your PS5.

Will CarX be coming to next-gen?

CarX Drift Racing Online's rise in popularity is nothing short of remarkable. What began as a mobile game soon expanded to Steam for PC users in 2017. Since then, CarX has also been released on both PS4 and Xbox One.

CarX Drift Racing Online 2
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EVEN BETTER ON NEXT-GEN: CarX Technology would be able to create something truly special on next-gen

As of the time of writing, there are no official plans to bring CarX to the next-gen consoles as a bespoke game. However, as the player base of both Xbox Series X and PS5 expands, CarX Technologies will want to make their game available on the next-gen systems.

Having time to develop the game will allow CarX to potentially launch a sequel to CarX Drift Racing Online for next-gen, rather than just porting the original game.

This is all speculation though, and we'll hear more in the coming months and years. For now, let's enjoy CarX for all its worth on PS4, Xbox One and PC!

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