Can't Drive This: Title coming to PS4/PS5, release date, gameplay & more!

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We love all things racing here at RacingGames, I guess it's in the name. From all-out sim to whacky arcade racers, we've played them all.

We often see games make the jump from Steam to console, but we're incredibly excited about this one.

So, let's take a look at Can't Drive This, and when we can expect to play it on PlayStation consoles!

Release Date

Excitingly, we already have an official release date for the game launching on PS4 and PS5.

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GRAB A DUO: This game will test your patience!

Can't Drive This is coming to PlayStation consoles on March 19, and we can't wait!

The game will initially be available for all those with a PS4 and anyone with a disc edition of the PS5. The game is already available on Steam as early access!


The game is a co-op multiplayer 2-in-1 title. No, really, it is!

One player is charged with building the track that the other must traverse, with each piece available after the placement of the previous one.

To make matters worse, the monster truck that you're driving will explode if you drive too slowly... You'd better be in-sync with your duo of choice!

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GET BUILDING: The game can be a little stressful at times!

The game also offers 4 different modes for players to try:

  1. Yardage - There is one builder. With their help, up to three drivers race to set the high-score. This is the pure, filtered Can’t Drive This experience.
  2. Game of Drones - one builder and 1-3 drivers collect all tokens in a level to advance to the next, more difficult level. Also, Drones! They drop EMP-Mines that temporarily disable your trucks.
  3. Capture the Egg - pits two driver-builder-teams against each other, in an epic match of Capture the Flag without the flag. Instead, you drive to the opposing team’s base to collect a 300lbs concrete egg. Deliver it back at your home base to score.


Not only does the game offer ranked variants for online multiplayer, there is also a huge amount of customisation.

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CUSTOMISATION: There are plenty of whacky combinations for you to make and create!

There are over a billion variation to your monster truck, that's right, BILLION!

This is a way to make you truly stand-out online, and make the one true unique monster truck to rule them all.

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