CarX Drift Racing Online: 5 Cars we NEED to get added

When we talk about great drifting games, there aren't many out there, which makes CarX Drift Racing Online stand out all the more. There's a huge amount of cars already in CarX ready to be played, but we always want more. Here are our picks for the five cars we want to see added the most!

5 - Honda S2000

Honda S2000 Crew 2
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The Japanese have made some unbelievable cars to drift over the decades and there are few better than the Honda S2000. The S2000 is a versatile car, being great at all disciplines of competitions for its performance level. This includes drifting, as the rear-wheel-drive sports car can hold a sideways slide with ease.

This would be a fantastic addition to CarX Drift Racing Online and would likely be towards the top range of cars in the game. The S2000 can pull off both a sophisticated look when it's in its stock body kit and also the appearance of a true racer with a more aggressive body kit.

CarX Technologies don't own the naming rights to cars, so they are given pseudonyms. This is similar to what PES used to do with clubs and players' names. If the Honda S2000 came to CarX, it would likely be code-named something like "Heaven S2000", as there are no Honda's in the game so far.

4 - Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S

Mercedes amg forza
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When you think of great drifting cars, Mercedes isn't a company that springs to mind. However, one of their high-performance saloon cars has proven to be a real treat to crank the handbrake on and go sideways with.

The engine has a real grunt, thanks to its twin turbocharged V8 design that produces somewhere in the region of 500 bhp. If speed is what you want, this car is the one for you, but it could be a handful to control. Get it right though, and the feeling is incredible.

Unlike Honda, there is a Mercedes in CarX, so we know what it would be called. The AMG GT 63 S would likely be called the Imperior GT. Expect this to be in the top level of cars to unlock.

3 - Pontiac GTO

Pontiac gto nfs
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Pontiac is another car company that surprisingly don't have any of their vehicles available in CarX Drift. We're not referring to the brief revival of the GTO in the 2000s here, but the original muscle car from the 1960s. The GTO is a beautiful example of an American muscle car and is up there with the Mustang in this regard.

The GTO will be a real handful to get around the corners thanks to its huge power going to the rear wheels. We'd expect the GTO to be placed somewhere in the bottom two tiers if it comes to the CarX Drift game.

The Pontiac GTO could be titled something like the "Peak GTO" in CarX Drift if it gets added to the game.

2 - Nissan 200SX

Nissan 200SX NFS
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Another classic Japanese drifter we should get in CarX Drift is the Nissan 200SX. This car has a rallying pedigree too, competing in the WRC in the late 1980s under the "Silvia" nametag.

Again, as it's an older car, the 200SX will either be in the middle or lower tiers in terms of performance in CarX Drift. It'll be the opposite to the GTO though, as the 200SX will have plenty of grip but will be lacking in power. However, we believe this could be an extremely popular car to use thanks to how it sounds as well.

Nissan cars are named after mythical creatures and strangely, pirates, in CarX Drift. So, we expect the 200SX to be titled something along the lines of "Neptune 200".

1 - Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS Forza
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We're not quite sure how the Ford Focus RS isn't in CarX Drift, but CarX technologies haven't added it yet. The modern Focus RS is a hell of a car, it's incredibly quick considering how cheap it is. You could spend a lot more money on a lot less, so we expect it to be in the lower tiers of CarX if it gets added.

The RS is another car on this list that has a rallying history and was fairly successful during this time. The Focus RS is a car that's a joy to drive and one that could easily become another player-favourite if it comes to CarX.

The Ford cars have a few different names in CarX, but we think it'd go under the Warrior tag. So, expect the Focus RS to be Christened "Warrior RS" if it makes the leap to CarX Drift.

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