CarX Drift Racing Online: Best 5 cars to use - Solar, Thunderstrike, JDM & more

We absolutely love CarX Drift Racing Online as it's one of the few proper drifting games on the market. There's a huge variety of cars available too, but choosing which one is best isn't an easy task. We're here to help though, with our recommendations for the five best rides in CarX!

#5 - Solar

Millennials playing CarX will get a lot of nostalgia and Fast & Furious vibes from the Solar. This car was added via a recent patch and is also one of the best drifters available. While it's not the fastest car, the Solar holds a drift fantastically well compared to most. Style and substance are the flavour of the day over speed with this car.

Solar CarX
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TOKYO DRIFTER: This car both looks and acts the part

The Solar is a RWD car and is found in Class 2. It can even do 360 spins out on the track and it always feels under control thanks to its low power and high grip. The Solar is also an excellent ride to customise, as you can get away with loud colours and OTT body kits and rims that other rides wouldn't be able to pull off.

#4 - Thunderstrike

Muscle cars aren't usually the best to go with in CarX, but the Thunderstrike is an exception to this rule. The Thunderstrike doesn't have very responsive steering, but it does have a surprising amount of control with its handling. This allows you to regularly achieve drifting angles that most cars cannot.

Thunderstrike CarX
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THE BEAST: This isn't a car you'd want to meet in a dark alleyway

The engine noise is a raspy powerhouse and the Thunderstrike looks cool too. The car is obviously modelled off of the Ford Thunderbird of the last 1960s, which is anything but a bad thing. The Thunderstrike is another Class 2 car as well.

You're able to achieve 360 spins in this ride but you have to be careful of its wide turning circle. Understeer means that you have to be gentle when applying the throttle because otherwise you'll end up in the walls on the outside of the track.

#3 - Horizon GT4

The first car on this list outside of Class 2 is Class 3's Horizon GT4. The GT4 is one of, if not the, smoothest car to drift around corners in CarX. Smoothness is key to drifting, as consistent and good handling allows you to produce an ideal radius around corners.

Horizon GT4 CarX
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SILKY SMOOTH: The GT4 is the smoothest ride in the game

The GT4 also has good power delivery, allowing the car to continue drifting when others would run out of steam. If you're starting out in CarX and wanting to learn the basics of drifting, this is the best learner car for you. Don't let that sound like a negative though, as this is one of the best rides available even for the pro drifters.

#2 - Burner JDM

This car wasn't anything to write home about a few months ago, but a recent update has made it more realistic and a lot better to drive. The Burner JDM may not look like a good drifter (this can be changed with mods, though) but it has huge power for its size.

Burner JDM CarX
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DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER: The JDM may not look the part, but it's one of the best drifters around

That massive power to weight ratio means that the JDM can round corners faster than almost any other car in CarX. The JDM is arguably the best all-round car in CarX and it's easy to see why as it can do everything and it can do it well.

#1 - Corona

The Corona is like a retro version Burner JDM, but its mechanical capabilities are anything but old-fashioned. Its handling is unrivalled, its power is massive and it looks and sounds easy on the eye and ear. The Corona can turn around on a sixpence, which makes getting multipliers so easy to chain.

Corona CarX
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CORONA THE KING: Nothing matches the Corona in CarX

We challenge you to find a better car in CarX than the Corona, because for us, it's unrivalled in almost every aspect of drifting. If you don't believe us, try it out for yourselves, it's in Class 3. If you're still struggling or unconvinced about CarX Drift Racing Online, give the Corona a go, you won't regret it.

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