Carx Drift Racing Online: Best car to use, beginner cars, and more!

CarX Drift Racing Online is one of the most popular racing titles on Steam at the moment.

The game put its focus on drifting, and it does so absolutely brilliantly.

With a huge variety of vehicles for players to try and race sideways, it’s easy to see why the game has proved to be so popular. With many people still picking the game up, let's take a look at the best cars now!

The AE86 - Hachi Roku

Oftentimes, the starter car in any game is designed to introduce players to the title isn't the best. Instead, it's simply easy to handle and has low power in order to help us learn the controls.

CarX AE86
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However, this isn't massively the case with the AE86 in CarX. Once you've got a handle on the game, and you know how to play it, start getting some upgrades done.

Once you've got those upgrades done, you'll find yourself being able to compete with virtually any other set of wheels in the game.

Lada 2105 - VZ 210

Once again, this car is a great starter vehicle. And hey, who doesn't want to go sideways in a Lada?

CarX Lada
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The car has a nice setup as stock, with short-gearing meaning you can get the power down easily, and will primarily be drifting in higher gears.

The Turbo setup is the best for the VZ 210, with no notable issues when having to send it sideways around any track!

Nissan Skyline R34 - Horizon GT4

Naturally, you would expect Godzilla to be a bit of a beast at drifting in any form. Unfortunately, that's not quite the case here.

CarX R34 1
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Instead, you'll have to get that Ultimate upgrade tune complete to feel the true drifting power of the Japanese icon.

Now, this isn't your standard beginner vehicle. However, once you've got a bit of game experience under your belt, the R34 truly is an awesome driving experience.

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